Paul Kelly


PK at The Rockwood Music Hall, New York City, 26 September 2011 Photo courtesy of Twp

Source: Wikimedia Commons

From St Kilda To King’s Cross

Look So Fine, Feel So Low

Post (1985)

Before Too Long

Leaps And Bounds

(I’ve Done All The) Dumb Things

To Her Door

Under The Sun (1987)
So Much Water So Close To Home (1989)


Sydney From A 727

Comedy (1991)
Hidden Things (1992)
...nothing but a dream (2001)

When I First Met Your Ma

How To Make Gravy (1996)

How To Make Gravy

If I Could Start Today Again

Wanted Man (1994)

Summer Rain

Smoke (1999)

Deeper Water

Love Never Runs On Time

Taught By Experts

Deeper Water (1995)

For details of PK’s long and illustrious musical career, please refer to his Wikipedia entry.

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