Sondre Lerche

SL @ The Garage, London, 2012-05-29 Anthony Keiler

SL at The Garage, London, 29 May 2012 Photo courtesy of Anthony Keillor


Almighty Moon

Easy To Persuade

Good Luck

Heartbeat Radio

I Cannot Let You Go

I Guess It’s Gonna Rain Today

Like Lazenby

Words & Music

Heartbeat Radio (2009)
Dan In Real Life (2008)
Faces Down (2001)

All Luck Ran Out

Dead Passengers

Modern Nature

No One’s Gonna Come

On And Off Again

Sleep On Needles

Things You Call Fate

Virtue & Wine

You Know So Well

Let My Love Open The Door (Pete Townshend)

My Hands Are Shaking

To Be Surprised

Dear Laughing Doubters

Dinner For Schmucks (Soundtrack) (2010)
Two Way Monologue (2004)

Days That Are Over

Johnny Johnny Ooh Ooh

Track You Down

Two-Way Monologue

Phantom Punch (2007)

John, Let Me Go

Sondre Lerche (2011)

Coliseum Town


Go Right Ahead

Private Caller

Red Flags


When The River

Duper Sessions (2006)

Everyone’s Rooting For You

The Curse Of Being In Love

At A Loss For Words

Lucky Guy


Please (2014)
Patience (2020)

Why Would I Let You Go

You Are Not Who I Thought I Was

Baby ComeTo Me

Bleeding Out Into The Blue

I Know Something That’s Gonna Break Your Heart (acoustic)

I’m Always Watching You (acoustic)

Serenading In The Trenches

Soft Feelings (acoustic)

Pleasure (2017)

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