Carole King

Carole King 2002


I Feel The Earth Move

It’s Too Late (King, Toni Stern)

So Far Away

Where You Lead (King, Toni Stern)

You’ve Got A Friend

Tapestry (1971)

CK, Washington, D.C., 2002 Photo by John Mathew Smith Source:

Rhymes & Reasons (1972)

Been To Canaan

Music (1971)

It’s Going To Take Some Time (King, Toni Stern)

Sweet Seasons (King, Toni Stern)



Wrap Around Joy (1974)
Sweet Seasons (1972) It's Gonna Take Some Time (1972) Jazzman (1974) Nightingale (1974)
It's Too Late (1971) I Feel the Earth Move (1971) So Far Away (1971) Smackwater Jack (1971)

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