Elizabeth Ziman

EZ 2015-01-31
Taller Children (2009)

Golden Ink

Momma’s Boy

Perfectly Perfect

Race You

Taller Children

The Hang Up

Other Side Of Zero (2010)

Alright By Me

Do Not Hang Your Head

The Horse And The Missing Cart

Worn Out Tune

You And Me

EZ at the Luckman Art Centre, LA., 31 January, 2015 Photo: Copyright © 2015 Kurt Stauffer Photography Source: Elizabeth Ziman ???

Like It Never happened (2014)

Like It Never Happened

More Than Enough (album version in A)

More Than Enough (live version in C)


Someday Soon

Wish I Didn’t


Belly Of The Wolf

Like Water Is To Sand

Song Stands Alone


Less Than You Think

Magic Chaser

Mea Culpa

Something More


Wishing Well

Keepsake (2017)

EZ: composed and composing

Source: www.nowiveheardeverything.com

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Devil’s Calling

My Goodbye

Waiting For The Kill

Elizabeth & The Catapult (2006)


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