AP and CM after the XTC show at Toronto’s The Edge, 1977/78

Photo courtesy of Jean-Luc Ourlin Source: Wikimedia Commons

Love On A Farmboy’s Wages

Making Plans For Nigel

Mayor of Simpleton

Senses Working Overtime

Sgt, Rock (Is Going To Help Me)

The Compact XTC (1985) Mummer (1983)
Oranges & Lemons (1989)
White Music (1978)
Drums And Wires (1979)
Black Sea (1980)
English Settlement (1982)
Making Plans for Nigel (1979)
Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me) (1980) Senses Working Overtime (1982) Love on a Farmboy's Wages (1983)
Mayor of Simpleton (1989)

For details of the musical careers of either artist, please refer to their respective Wikipedia entries:

Andy Partridge

Colin Moulding


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