Meredith Godreau

MG Amanda M Hatfield Bootleg Th LA 2011-

Gregory and the Hawk performing with Jennie O at the Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles, Nov 2011 Photo courtesy of Amanda M Hatfield


Do Me In

Get You

Little Wings

Much Too Much

On The Hillside

Pass The Bottle

Pretty Somehow

Stuck Like Glue

Wild And True

The Boats and Birds EP (2006)

A Wish

Avalanche! Oh, Avalanche

Boats and Birds


Bad Habit


Kill The Turkey

Memory And Honesty

Oats We Sow

The Bolder Thing To Do

The People Who Raised Me

In Your Dreams (2007)
Moenie and Kitchi (2008)
Leche (2010)
Huckleberry Cherry and Boules Tour EP (2010) Stone EP (2012)
Come Now (2012)

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