Peter Gabriel


Peter Gabriel at the Quadriga - Verleihung in Berlin

Photo © Rolf  Roletscheck

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Peter Gabriel (1977)

Solsbury Hill

Peter Gabriel (1982)

I Have the Touch

Shock the Monkey

Peter Gabriel (1980)


Family Snapshot

Games Without Frontiers

Games Without Frontiers (chords)

No Self Control

So (1986)

Don’t Give Up

In Your Eyes

Mercy Street

Red Rain


Red Rain (1987) In Your Eyes (1986) Don't_Give_Up (1986) Sledgehammer (1986) I Have the Touch (1982)
Solsbury Hill (1977) Games Without Frontiers (1980) Biko (1980) No Self Control (1980) I Don't Remember (1980) Shock the Monkey (1982)

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Peter  Gabriel


Peter Gabriel (1978)

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