Neil Finn


Neil Finn, Split Enz, 13 June 2006, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Photo courtesy of Mandy Hall Source: Wikimedia Commons

808 Song


Faster Than Light

King Tide

Last One Standing

Loose Tongue

She Comes Scattered

She Will Have Her Way



Try Whistling This

Dizzy Heights (2014)

In My Blood

White Lies And Alibis

Boat Joyride

Summer of Love

Rain (The Soundtrack) ( 2001)
Other Enz (2000)

Dots On The Shells


Try Whistling This (1998)
One Nil (2001)


Driving Me Mad

Hole In The Ice

Into The Sunset

Last To Know

Rest Of The Day Off

The Climber

Turn And Run

Wherever You Are

Billie Jean (acoustic cover)

Blue Hotel

Can You Hear Us

Fish Hook

Human Kindness

Love Is All That Remains

Lullabye Requiem

Sexual Healing (acoustic cover)

Something So Strong (original version in Open D)

Spirit Of The Stairs

Time On Earth (2001)

Time On Earth (2004)

Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge 2

For details of NF’s long and illustrious musical career, please refer to his Wikipedia entry.

For details of what he’s up to, music, releases, gigs, etc., please refer to his Official Website.


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