Crowded House


The band at Karekare during the recording of Together Alone Source: Wikimedia Commons

Don’t Dream It’s Over

Don’t Dream It’s Over (acoustic version)

I Walk Away

Love You ‘Til The Day I Die

Now We’re Getting Somewhere

Something So Strong


Crowded House (1986)

Does Anyone Here Understand My Girlfriend?

Grabbing By The Handful

Recurring Dream (original version)

Walking On The Pier

I Feel Possessed

In The Lowlands

Into Temptation

Kill Eye

Love This Life

Sister Madly

When You Come

Temple Of Low Men (1988)

Think I’m Gonna Change

Afterglow (1999)
Woodface (1990)

Be My Guest (2016)

Fields Are Full Of Your Kind

My Legs Are Gone (2016)

You Got Me Going

Black And White Boy

Catherine Wheels

Distant Sun

Fingers Of Love

Fingers Of Love (standard tuning)

Kare Kare

Locked Out

Pineapple Head

Private Universe

Together Alone (1993)

She Goes On

Blue Smoke

Convent Girls (2016)

Tail Of A Comet (2016)

Don’t Stop Now

Even A Child

Heaven That I’m Making (2006)

Pour Le Monde

Say That Again

Silent House (2006)

Turn It Around

Walked Her Way Down

Time On Earth (2007)

Bound To Rescue

Distance Across

Here’s A Note

Lost Island

Purple Light

Intriguer (2010)

Better Things

Only Way To Go Is Forward

Saturday Sun

Twice If You’re Lucky

I Love You Dawn

Left Hand


My Telly’s Gone Bung

Recurring Dream (version2)

Time Immemorial

Anarchy In The UK (acoustic cover)

Be My Guest

Convent Girls


Most Wanted

My Legs Are Gone

Not The Girl You Think You Are

Only Way To Go Is Forward

Tail of a Comet

Recurring Dream (1996)

For details of the history of Crowded House, please refer to their Wikipedia entry.

Recurring Dream (Live Bonus) (1996)


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