Split Enz


Split Enz, Nambassa Festival, NZ, January 1979 Montage courtesy of Nambassa Trust and Peter Terry ( http://www.nambassa.com )

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Split Enz, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, June 2006

Photo courtesy of Mandy Hall Source: Wikimedia Commons

Second Thoughts (1976)

Sweet Dreams

Bold As Brass


My Mistake

Dizthythmia (1977)
The Beginning Of The Enz (1979)

Split Ends

True Colours (1980)
Waiata_Corroboree (1981)

I Got You

Missing Person

Nobody Takes Me Seriously

Poor Boy

Shark Attack

History Never Repeats

One Step Ahead

Conflicting Emotions (1983)

Message To My Girl

The Devil You Know

See Ya Round (1984)

Breaking My Back

I Walk Away

This Is Massive

Carried Away

Give It A Whirl

I See Red

Mind Over Matter

Stuff And Nonsense

Frenzy (1979)

Dirty Creature

Hello Sandy Allen

Log Cabin Fever

Six Months In A Leaky Boat

Take A Walk

Rear Enz (1994)


Time & Tide (1982)

For details of the musical career of Split Enz, please refer to their Wikipedia entry.


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