MonaLisa Twins

monalisa_twins_cavern_club_2014_900 When We're Together (2012)

The MonaLisa Twins performing at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, 2015 Photo copyright © Robert Forbes (used with kind permission of the MonaLisa Twins)


MonLisa Twins Play Bedatles and More Vol. 3 (2018) Christmas (2019) The Duo Sessions (2020) Live at the Cavern Club (2020)
Live in Concert (2007) Californa Dreaming 2008 When We're Together (2012) MonaLisa Twins Plasy Beatles and More (2014) Orange (2017) MonaLisa Twins Play Beatles and More Vol. 2 (2018)

All About Falling In Love


I Don’t Know Birds That Well

I Wanna Kiss You


Nothing Is In Vain

One More Time

The Wide Wide Land

This Boy Is Mine

When We’re Together

Won’t You Listen Now


I Bought Myself A Politician (2021)

I Bought Myself a Politician

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Close To You

Club 27

Count On Me

In It For Love

It’s Alright

No More Worries Company

Once Upon A Time

Still A Friend Of Mine

Sweet Lorraine

That’s Life

Waiting For The Waiter

Orange (2017)