Leslie Mendelson & Steve McEwan

LM Jericho BBCradio Sept 2013

LM playing “Jericho”, live-to-air, on BBC radio, September 2013 Photo courtesy of ???

Source: www.audiboo.fm

Take It As You Will (2005)


Love Hate Thing

Meeting People

Take It As You Will

Steve McE Olympia Theatre 2013-09-18

Steve McEwan performing with Leslie Mendelson at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin, 18 September 2013 Photo courtesy of Shaun Neary Source: www.goldenplec.com

Be My Baby

Easy Love

Hit The Spot

If I Don’t Stop Loving You

I Know You Better Than That

I See Myself With You

No Easy Way Out

Rest Of London

So Far, So Bad

Turn It Over

swan_feathers (2009)

Coney Island


Speed Of Light

Leslie Mendelson (2013)
Love & Murder (2017)

Chasing The Thrill

Love You Tonight

All Come Together

I Need Something To Care About

If You Can’t Stay Anything Nice

Lay It All On Me


Speed Of Light

Would You Give Up Your Gun

If You Can't Say Anything Nice... (2020)

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Leslie Mendelson

Steve McEwan

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