Neil Finn & Tim Finn


The Finn Brothers, live at Plymouth, UK, 2004

Photo courtesy of Anne Mette Source: Wikimedia Commons

Finn (1995)

Angels Heap

Only Talking Sense

Paradise (Wherever You Are)

Suffer Never

Where Is My Soul?

A Life Between Us

All God’s Children

All The Colours

Anything Can Happen

Disembodied Voices

Edible Flowers

Everyday Alright

Gentle Hum


Luckiest Man Alive

Woodface (1990)

Four Seasons In One Day

How Will You Go?

It’s Only Natural

Tall Trees

There Goes God (acoustic)

Before & After (1993)

In Love With It All

Prodigal Son

The Same Language As Me

Strangeness And Charm


Neil & Tim live to air, BBC 6 Music Hub, 11 August 2004

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Everyone Is Here (2004)

Nothing Wrong With You

Part Of Me, Part Of You (2002)

Part Of Me, Part Of You (2003)

Part Of Me, Part Of You (2004)

Sunset Swim

Tell Me C’mon

The Land And The Sea (2002)

The Land Torments The Sea

Way Back Down

Won’t Give In

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