The Go Go's

the go go's the whisky a go go 1980

The Go Go’s at the Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, L.A. in 1980 Photo by Donna Santisi/Redferns - Copyright © GettyImages

Can’t Stop The World

Lust To Love

Our Lips Are Sealed

We Got The Beat

Beauty and the Beat (1981)
Vacation (1982)


Head Over Heels


Yes Or No

Talk Show (1984)
God Bless the Go Go's (2001)


Return to the Valley of The Go Go's (1994)

The Whole World Lost Its Head

Yes or No (1984) The Whole World Lost Its Head (1994) Unforgiven (2001)
We Got The Beat (1980) Our Lips Are Sealed (1981) Vacation (1982) Head Over Heels (1984)
The Go Go's American Bandstand Robert Matheu Houston Press

The Go Go’s on American Bandstand in 1981  Photo courtesy of  Robert Matheu

Source: Houston Press

Turn To You (1984)

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Gina Schock

Kathy Valentine

The Go Go’s


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