Katie Melua

(Zelt Musik Festival_26 July 2016 Freiburg in Bresgau)_joergens.mi

KM performing the Zelt Music Festival, 26 July 2016

Photo courtesy of joergens.mi Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cambridge CE 9Sept2006 Tour Egghead06

KM performing at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, 9 Sept. 2006 Photo courtesy of Egghead06 Source: Wikimedia Commons

Call Off the Search (2003)

Faraway Voice

A Happy Place

A Moment of Madness

Red Balloons (KM & Polly Scattergood)

The House

Tiny Alien (KM and Guy Chambers)

The House (2010)
Pictures (2007)

Dirty Dice

Ghost Town

Perfect Circle


What I Miss About You

Secret Symphony (2012)
Piece by Piece (2005)

Halfway Up The Hindu Kush

I Cried For You

I Do Believe In Love

Just Like Heaven(Robert Smith / The Cure)

Nine Million Bicycles(Mike Batt)

Piece by Piece

Spider’s Web

Perfect World

In Winter (2016)

The Walls Of The World

I Cried for You (2005) Spider's Web (2006) A Happy Place (2010)

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