Norah Jones

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NJ in performance

Photo by Rodin Eckenroth Source: © Getty Images

NorahJones_Parque_Independencia_2010 maccosta

NJ performing at the Parques Independencia in 2010

Photo by maccosta

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Come Away with Me (2002)1 Don't Know Why (2002)
Come Away With Me (2002)
Not Too Late (2007)

Come Away With Me

Don’t Know Why (Jessie Harris)

Painter Song (Lee Alexander and JC Hopkins)

Turn Me On (John D Loudermilk II)

Not My Friend

Not Too Late

Thinking About You

Until The End

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Carnival Town


The Prettiest Thing

Those Sweet Words (Lee Alexander, Richard Julian)

Feels Like Home (2004)