Buddy Holly

bh publicity photo for Brunswick Records

Buddy Holly publicity photo, Brunswick Records Photo courtesy of Michael Ochs Archive/Corbis Source: Wikimedia Commons

Learning The Game (undubbed)

Learning The Game (overdubbed)

That'll Be The Day (1957) Words Of Love (1957) Peggy Sue (1957)
The Chirping Crickets (1957)

I’m Looking For Someone To Love

Maybe Baby

Not Fade Away

Tell Me How

That’ll Be The Day

Buddy Holly (1958)


Listen To Me

Little Baby

Look At Me

Peggy Sue

Words Of Love

Don’t Come Back Knockin’

Love Me

That'll Be The Day (1958)
Everyday (1957) Maybe Baby (1958) Not Fade Away (1957)

For details of Buddy Holly’s tragically short musical career, please refer to his Wikipedia entry.

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