Jay Clifford

JC at Cats Cradle 2011 Kevin Norris

JC at the Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC, 6 October 2011

Photo courtesy of  Kevin Norris Source: trianglemusic

Magazine (1998)
Vertigo (2001)

B-13 (Evan Bivins)


Cathedrals (Modal2 tuning)

Close Your Eyes

My Guitar

Between The Dim And The Dark (2004)
Between The Glow And The Light (2006)

By The Way They Dance

Darkest Love

First to Feel Like This

Where She Lies

Words Of Wisdom (Evan Bivins)

Words of Wisdom (in Modal2)


Rains In Asia

Rains In Asia (in Modal2)

For information about JC, or his band, please refer to the Wikipedia entry.

JC Coffee Underg

Jay Clifford at the Coffee Underground Photo courtesy of Melanie McDermott Source: www.wknc.org

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