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15th December 2011

I’m away now until the New Year so, to Everyone who has found something of interest in these pages...

Merry Christmas

RJs Gibson L1

& Happy New Year

2011 was an amazingly crowded year for The Blind Guitarist: new pages for Frank Zappa and Elvis Costello, re-vamped and new-look pages for Kevin Ayers, Crowded House and Sondre Lerche. A 15-day blitz for SL took his page from one to 25 songs, and a Kevin Ayers blitz brought his page to 32 songs. A celebration of the late, great Frank Zappa, in April, produced seventeen FZ transcriptions in 7 nights. And Odd Ditties, originally somewhere to put the odd (i.e. occasional) song, has doubled in size to 88 songs.

In total, the song count is currently:


It’s such an eclectic collection, (from Meet The Flintstones to Ride My Face To Chicago (with absolutely everything in between)), that I would be surprised if there weren’t something here with which to impress your fans.

Even as we speak, another extraordinary and as yet undiscovered song is  being written. So, am looking forward to bringing you more great songs  next year including, I hope, more Sondre Lerche, a man whose music I love.

I hope you’ll find yourself at a house-party or hootenanny on the 31st!  And when your host insists that, this year, you sing for your supper, you’ll be able to smile, reach for the guitar and step centre-stage. There, after all, is where you belong...!

Have a great holiday and, whatever you do, remember to stay tuned!

14th December 2011

Reported to be the first song that Neil Finn wrote, aged 14, here, finally, is my attempt at Serge, a classic song that you can find on a Split Enz EP called Rear Enz... Check it out on the Split Enz page. Even at the tender age of 14, you can hear the melodies that we have come to expect from a Neil Finn song. Enjoy!

This week, I found my friends 3 1/2 year-old daughter grooving (in her own way) to The Jungle Book. If you remember I Wanna Be Like You, you’ll also remember that you don’t need to recall too many words. This is a great song that is perfect for young kids to sing along to!  Listening to it again, I thought that the chords have to be fairly easy, and they are! So, if you’re going to be around kids during  the holiday, and you’ve brought your guitar with you, this is a good  song to have in the back-pocket. At least the kids will think you can swing... Check it out in Odd Ditties!

Have also added a new link for an on-line tuner for a variety of stringed instruments. Hope you find it useful...

13th December 2011

Two more cool Crowded House songs that I’d long neglected... So here, at last, are Kill Eye and I Feel Possessed from their critically acclaimed 1988 album Temple of Low Men.

I thought, also that it was time for a new-look Frank Zappa page, due once again to the number of song transcriptions on that page. Hope you like...!

10th December 2011

Here are a couple of really cool songs that I’ve found in the working folder. So, I hope you like a couple of old Crowded House favourites, Sister Madly from Temple Of Low Men (1988) and Locked Out, a rocker from Together Alone (1993). These are always popular live numbers and are always good to  play if you’ve been put on the spot and have to entertain. Enjoy!

And, due to the number of transcriptions on the Kevin Ayers page, I’ve decided to re-vamp it. I find it boring looking at long lists, but now look at it now...!

7th December 2011

Here is an acoustic version of Radiohead’s Creep from their 1982 album Pablo Honey. so, if you’re a solo guitar and voice, try it out... You can find it in Odd Ditties! I plan to have a full tab of this soon (well, probably in the New Year), which is more suited to the electric-heads amongst you.

With the last two Sondre Lerche transcriptions, this site has now passed the 500 mark. With the addition of Creep we now have 503 songs for you to pick from when you add to your repertoire.

In addition to the Creep tab, there is some more Sondre Lerche and Roddy Frame in the pipeline...

4th December 2011

As promised, here is some more Sondre Lerche...! I hope like Good Luck, a lovely song from his celebrated 2009 album Heartbeat Radio. If you enjoy beautifully constructed, melodic songs, buy this album now.

Hope to have a few more Sondre songs coming soon...

3rd December 2011

Yet more Sondre Lerche for your playing pleasure...! Here is the exceedingly cool  Almighty Moon from his 2009 album Heartbeat Radio. Enjoy!

There’ll be more Sondre coming soon so, keep watching this space!

1st December 2011

Back to clearing the working folder... So, here are tabs for a couple of Beatles songs, Carry That Weight from Abbey Road and Back In The USSR from the White Album€¯. Check them out on the Lennon & McCartney page.

29th November 2011

If you’re out and about with your guitar at this time of year, here’s a  song that will put a wry smile on the faces of your audience. I wonder  if there is anyone who does not know this theme song... It’s not so easy to replicate that unforgettable big-band intro but I’m sure you could  arrange something! Here, in Odd Ditties, is Meet The Flintstones. Enjoy!

Have been trying to get out more, so am off now to see the wonderful Rozi Plain at a gig in London. Watch this space for more songs soon and don’t forget to...

28th November 2011

Thought you might like another Sondre Lerche song so, here is Go Right Ahead from his eponymous 2011 album. It sounds great on acoustic guitar, and it’s in standard tuning...!

I’m still working my way through the dozens of songs in my working folder i.e. those songs that I may have started years ago and laid to one side as I was possibly distracted by the discovery of a new wondrous  songwriter, whose work I wanted to promote.

There’s still a lot of Neil Finn and John & Paul stuff amongst others. So, here for now, is Kare Kare from Crowded House’s 1993 album Together Alone, one of the most atmospheric albums of the 90s.

I’ve also revamped the Crowded House page while I was there... It looks cool!

26th November 2011

A couple more songs from my working folder... Here is a song from Crowded House’s 1993 album Together Alone. Black And White Boy started out as a ballad but evolved, in the band process, into a three-electric-guitar thrash.

And here are a couple of John & Macca songs that I had long neglected. Hope you enjoy Dear Prudence and She Came In Through The Bathroom Window. To celebrate, I’ve also revamped the John & Paul page.

24th November 2011

Yet another song from the working binder... This is starting to feel like another blitz. Anyway, here is Van Morrison’s (and Them’s) classic Gloria, from 1964, for your playing pleasure. Not the most difficult of songs to play but still a classic, nonetheless!

23rd November 2011

More songs from the “working”€¯ binder... Here is a nice acoustic version of Prince’s Raspberry Beret from his 1985 album Around The World In A Day. An absolute classic! Check it out in Odd Ditties!

And here, at last, is Instinct from Crowded House’s “Best of”€¯ album, Recurring Dream, released in 1996. Two minutes later, they broke up...

22nd November 2011

I’ve included a minor update to Sondre Lerche’s Heartbeat Radio... I’m now convinced that Edim chord is correct. Also, there are a lot of chords which are...well... I was going to say unusual but if you play a lot of Sondre stuff, you’ll realise that these chords are really quite usual. Anyway, I’ve included chord fingering in each  section of the song, so you don’t have to keep scrolling back and forth.

And here, at last, is Dreadlock Holiday and old faux-reggae Graham Gouldman (and Eric Stewart) song released by 10cc in 1978. A really cool song, that completes GG’s page for the moment. Hope you enjoy!

21st November 2011

The rigorous clerking of my working binder continues... Here is another, long-neglected classic Squeeze song, Annie Get Your Gun, from the prolific pens of Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook. Does anyone who grew up in the 1980s not like Squeeze...? Does anyone who is grown-up not like Squeeze? Enjoy!

20th November 2011

Well, it’s time for Jonathan Richman again, and a song that completes his page for the moment. From his 1986 album It’s Time For Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers, here you have This Love Of Mine.

Hope you like, too, the Prince classic Little Red Corvette from his album 1999. A classic song from a classic album, and only three chords all the way. Check it out in Odd Ditties!

Two fewer in the old “working”€¯ folder..

19th November 2011

I’ve been collecting far too many transcriptions in my working€¯ folder,  which tend to go on hold when I’m inspired to blitz my newest fave songwriter (e.g. 24 Sondre Lerche songs in 2 weeks). So, I’ve decided to get back to clearing this folder until I’m distracted again.

Here, to start, are two different versions of Neil Finn’s 1984 song I Walk Away, his valediction to Split Enz that also turned up on Crowded House’s eponymous debut album. Hope you enjoy.

18th November 2011

Here is a song that I had long neglected, Everyday Alright, by Neil Finn & Tim Finn, written during the sessions for their 2004 album, Everyone Is Here and released on an EP. Hope you enjoy

15th November 2011

I’ve just added another Sondre Lerche song, Johnny Johnny Ooh Ooh that dates from 2004 and his Two Way Monologue (EP). I think that this is a very underrated (and catchy) song that really ought to have received wider recognition. Hope you enjoy!

13th November 2011

Here is another Sondre Lerche song that completes his page for the time being. I Cannot Let You Go from his 2009 album Heartbeat Radio is one of my favourite Sondre songs and has some beautiful chord  transitions. I hope you enjoy playing it. The chords are not too  difficult...

12th November 2011

Thought I’d slip in a classic from 1986 that was a #1 for The Bangles.  Everyone who grew up in the 80s will know this... Hope you enjoy Walk Like An Egyptian. It’s only three chords all the way but there are lots of words. Not that I’m suggesting you busk it, of course...

Will get back to another Sondre song which I hope to upload soon.

11th November 2011

Ooops! Had to upload an emergency correction to Sondre Lerche’s Modern Nature, as I had mis-transcribed the Instrumental Solo bit towards the end and  put some of the solo on the wrong strings (which doesn’t help). Hope you can forgive: it’s easily done when you’ve been looking at dashed-lines  too long...

Had an evening off from transcribing to see KT Tunstall at Union Chapel in Islington, London. KTT was as awesome as you would  expect, playing on her own as a one-woman band using a looping recorder  for accompaniment. Marvellous stuff... Also discovered an extraordinary  young singer-songwriter, playing as support for KT, called Rozi Plain who writes mesmeric songs with quirky lyrics. Check out her stuff on  mySpace! Warmly recommended if you like the unusual. (She has a song  about being eaten by a shark. I don’t think she was speaking from  experience, though...)

Will get back to another Sondre song which I hope to upload soon.

8th November 2011

It took a while but now I can let you have the beautiful Ricochet, another Sondre Lerche song from his eponymous 2011 album. It’s in the DGCFAD tuning, as is much  else on the album. The chords aren’t too difficult but there are so many of them...

6th November 2011

The Sondre Lerche page has enjoyed a bit of a re-vamp, necessitated by the sheer number of  songs on there, so hope you like the new look. It’s better than having  one long list of songs, I think...

I have also updated my transcription of Heartbeat Radio with a change in the bridge. It’s only a changed note in the last chord but it makes all the difference: the little touch / That means so much€¯.

For your playing pleasure, I have added Easy To Persuade, another great song from Sondre’s 2009 album, Heartbeat Radio. I hope you enjoy playing it.

Am working on some more Sondre songs, so keep watching this space.

5th November 2011

Well, here at last is some more Sondre Lerche. As you can see, the Elvis Costello page has been taking up my time a bit.  Thought I really needed to get that one up and running... So, here are Dead Passengers and Virtue and Wine from Sondre’s classic 2001 debut album Faces Down. Standard tuning and fairly easy chords (if you like barrés). Hope you enjoy...!

And while we’re here, I hope you enjoy another Elvis Costello classic Accidents Will Happen from his 1979 album, Armed Forces. Lots of chord changes but that’s EC for you...

Here, too, is I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself, a welcome addition to the Bacharach & David page, that has been covered by multiple artists including EC and The White Stripes.

A feast for the weekend!

3rd November 2011

Further additions to the new Elvis Costello page...  Less than a week old and already you have the possibility to download FIVE classic EC songs. Today, I give you (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea and the lovely Alison. Enjoy!

Coming soon: another Elvis Costello and some more Sondre Lerche.  Watch this space!

2nd November 2011

Here are a couple of additions to the new Elvis Costello page: Watching The Detectives and Oliver’s Army. Both are actually quite easy songs to play, so I hope you have fun with them. Watch this space for some more EC coming soon and, I hope, some  more Sondre Lerche for your playing pleasure.!

1st November 2011

Welcome to a new page for Elvis Costello this week. It’s a work in progress, so I hope you can be patient. I can at least move his Human Hands over from Odd Ditties to start him off. EC has written more than his share of memorable songs during his illustrious career. I hope to post a few in the coming  weeks, so watch this particular space!

28th October 2011

Here are a couple of great songs, that were covered by Sondre Lerche, from the film Dan In Real Life. First up is Elvis Costello’s Human Hands from his 1982 album Imperial Bedroom. EC had such a great talent for melodic chord sequences. (Remember Oliver’s Army?) I liked a lot of his stuff and am considering a dedicated Elvis  Costello page sometime. Have yet to transcribe much of his stuff,  though. Hmm...need to fix that!

Next up is Let My Love Open The Door, from Pete Townshend’s 1982 debut solo album Empty Glass, which was a big US hit for him that year. Both songs are in standard tuning and have easy chords. You’ll find them in Odd Ditties... Enjoy!

26th October 2011

As promised, here is some more Sondre Lerche... Coliseum Town is another song from his eponymous 2011 album, and another song in the  lower DGCFAD tuning, and with a few unusual chords, but nonetheless some very nice sounds. So, I hope you enjoy!

And while we’re here, I give you two great songs (in standard tuning ;-) ) from Two Way Monologue. First up is Track You Down, which should seriously be in everybody’s repertoire. Make sure it’s in yours for that next hootenanny...! And then we have Days That Are Over, another beautiful song with great chords! That makes 17 Sondre songs and a couple ofĀ  Roddy Frame’s in the past couple of weeks or so. Next week, I shall really try to get out more...

25th October 2011

As promised, here is some more Roddy Frame for your playing pleasure. First up is Pillar To Post, a favourite from Aztec Camera’s 1983 debut album, High Land, Hard Rain.

Sondre Lerche’s Faces Down was an astonishing debut for a 19-year-old. Here is yet another beautiful song, On And Off Again, from that album. Enjoy...!

Hope to have some more Sondre and some more Roddy for you soon, so watch this space

24th October 2011

Here is another beautiful Sondre Lerche song from his eponymous 2011 album. Domino is in the same lower tuning as some others from that album and also has a few jazz chords. But you’ve seen these same chords before, so they  ought not to be scary...

Hope to have some more Sondre Lerche and some more Roddy Frame coming soon, so watch this space...

23rd October 2011

Having seen Roddy Frame in London last week, I feel inspired to add a few more songs to his  page. Here is an easy one to start with, an anthem dating from Aztec Camera’s 1990 album Stray... Some of you will be too young to remember  this one but check it out on YouTube. Here, for your playing pleasure,  is The Crying Scene.

Hope to have some more Sondre Lerche coming soon, too, so watch this space...

19th October 2011

Another Sondre Lerche song from his 2002 debut album. Here is Things You Call Fate, a lovely song with straightforward chords for once... Enjoy...!

18th October 2011

Yet more Sondre Lerche for your playing pleasure... So here are Dear Laughing Doubters from his 2002 debut album and My Hands Are Shaking from the Dan In Real Life Soundtrack. Enjoy...!

16th October 2011

Phewww! The Sondre Lerche blitz continues... Here are another three extraordinary songs for your repertoire: Words & Music and Like Lazenby and You Know So Well...

Learn these songs and, not only will you know a lot of jazz chords, but  you’ll also impress your audience with some extraordinary, and not so  well known, songs.

Watch this space for more Sondre Lerche coming soon!

13th October 2011

Am having something of a Sondre Lerche blitz at the moment. And sometimes you’re just in the zone... He is definitely my Man Of The Moment. Check out anything he’s written and, if you can catch him live: go!

Here are some more of his exquisite songs for your playing pleasure... So please find Modern Nature, Private Caller and the beautiful When The River. Sondre loves his jazz-based chords and there are a few in WTR, plus a new tuning to make it interesting.

Watch this space for more Sondre Lerche coming soon!

10th October 2011

To my shame, I’ve been neglecting the Sondre Lerche page. But, having seen him play in London last week, for the princely  sum of GBP 10, I’ve been inspired to add more songs to his page in the  coming days... So, here to begin with, are Sleep On Needles and To Be Surprised. What I love about SL is that he loves to play and sing and entertain. If you can go and see him live, do so!

Watch this space for more Sondre Lerche coming soon!

4th October 2011

Here is a now completed Gravity by Bic Runga: a very lovely song. Hope you enjoy that one! Also another Kevin Ayers song from 1980, Where Do The Stars End?

23th September 2011

A couple more songs from the Syd Barrett canon for the your playing pleasure... Here are Astronomy Dominé, Baby Lemonade. and the simply beautiful Wined and Dined. Enjoy!

22th September 2011

Some more Syd Barrett for the “completists” among you. Here are Scream Thy Last Scream (Old Woman With A Casket) and Vegetable Man, plus an updated guitar part for Apples and Oranges. Enjoy!

8th September 2011

I thought you might like to try a couple more Syd Barrett songs... Dominoes is one of my favourites and Bob Dylan Blues is one that I hadn’t heard until yesterday, although it was released in 2001. Recorded in 1970, Syd sounds completely together, even if he  misses a couple of changes... It’s a traditional verse-verse-chorus  song. Warmly recommended!

3rd September 2011

Toujours La Voyage is one of Kevin Ayers’s most beautiful songs. You can find it on the 1975 album Sweet Deceiver. (Also, on YouTube, of course.) Listen to the jaw-dropping guitar parts that the late, great Ollie Halsall contributes. He is the most underrated of guitarists, I feel. If there  were justice in the world, he would be spoken of in the same breath as  Hendrix and Django Reinhardt.

Don’t let the fact that it should probably be “le Voyage”€¯ prevent you from checking out this song. Elton John’s piano playing is not too shabby, either... Enjoy!

30th August 2011

A few more Kevin Ayers songs for your delectation: Connie On A Rubber Band was a B-side to the single Oh Wot A Dream in 1972 and is a reggae version of his better known Clarence In Wonderland. Check out, too, Butterfly Dance, a single from 1970. Soon Soon Soon is one of Kev’s earliest songs and was a staple of early Soft Machine gigs ca 1967. Last, but not least, is the absolutely beautiful Am I Really Marcel? from the 1988 album Falling Up.

And while we’re here, I thought you might like to try John Cale’s astonishing Paris 1919 from the 1973 album of the same name. It’s in Odd Ditties...

27th August 2011

Here are three more Kevin Ayers oldies that I hope you’ll like... Gemini Child is a single from 1970 that you can find as a bonus track on the 2005 re-issued album Shooting At The Moon. Thank You Very Much was an obscure B-side from 1974 that has existed in a number of incarnations since. Derby Day was a rarely played comedy song. It was only recorded for one of John Peel’s sessions on BBC Radio 1. Enjoy!

25th August 2011

The Kevin Ayers blitz continues with an oldie from 1969 Yep, that was given to Bridget St John as a B-side to her single If You’ve Got Money. And a KA single from 2008 from his album The Unfairground. Hope you like Baby Come Home, a great song with BStJ duetting with KA. There’ll be more Kevin Ayers stuff to follow, so watch this space...

24th August 2011

Yet more early Kevin Ayers stuff: two more classic KA songs from 1968 that were on the first Soft Machine album. So, here is Why Are We Sleeping and We Did It Again, which latter Soft Machine once played for 45 minutes at a party on the French Riviera.

23rd August 2011

My Kevin Ayers celebration continues... This is the poppiest thing that Soft Machine ever did and is another catchy KA song. Love Makes Sweet Music was released as a single in 1967 but only ever made it into Melody  Maker’s chart. It’s now rarer than hens’ teeth, so thank God for  YouTube... Enjoy!

22th August 2011

Here are a couple more songs by the great Kevin Ayers. I hope you’ll enjoy The Lady Rachel from his debut solo album, and Everyone Knows The Song and Love’s Gonna Turn You Round from 1976.

16th August 2011

Happy Birthday Kevin Ayers! So here are a few additions to KA’s page, including the wonderful Margaret and (Don’t Sing No More) Sad Songs. They’ll be more to follow, I don’t doubt...

10th August 2011

Hey, Happy Birthday to us! Now we are 1...!

Didn’t that year go quickly...? Well, a site upgrade and quite a few song  transcriptions later, and here we are again. If you haven’t changed  those guitar strings yet, I really think you should... I wasn’t going to mention it, but they look...well...disgusting...

You may already know this one, but I thought you might like to check out Pete Townshend’s The Kids Are Alright from The Who’s debut album My Generation. It’s an easy I, IV, V pattern. Check out those glorious fifth chords...! You’ll find it in Odd Ditties. Enjoy...!

8th August 2011

I’ve created a new page under What Was New€¯ and have archived all the old  2011 stuff from this page, which now looks a bit cleaner...

This week, I give you two amazing songs... First, one of the great indie anthems of the 90s: A Design For Life by the Manic Street Preachers. And second, Everything I’m Not, a track from The Veronicas astonishing 2005 debut album The Secret Life of...€¯

These are wine-and-lights-flashing-and-everybody-jumping-up-and-down type  songs. In other words, the very best type of song... You’ll find them  both in Odd Ditties. Enjoy...!

5th August 2011

I thought you might like to try out I Can Be So Good For You, the theme song from Minder, which was an immensely popular BBC TV  series from the 1970s. I realize some of you will be too young to  remember this but now you can find it on DVD or the Web.

You’ll find the song in Odd Ditties.

4th August 2011

Here are a couple of great songs that you can try out at your next house-party, hoe-down  or hootenanny...  Something’s Got A Hold Of My Heart was sung by Gene Pitney in 1967 and, again (with Marc Almond), in 1989, when it reached #1.  And Honey Don’t Think is a classic from the pen of Grant Lee Phillips. Sounds great on a 12-string!

You’ll find them both in Odd Ditties...

I hope you’ll also like Lou Reed’’s I’m Waiting For The Man from the first Velvet Underground album. Enjoy!

1st August 2011

Grace Slick’s powerful contralto voice, and the song’s “Bolero”-like rhythm, made White Rabbit such an extraordinary song. It was a huge hit for Jefferson Airplane in 1967.

Happy Talk, is one of those songs that will always put a silly grin on your face  when you hear it, and supports my thesis that melody will never die. Rodgers and Hammerstein had a genius for melody and singalong songs, and this is no exception! Captain Sensible had no trouble having a hit with this in the 1980s.

Check out the songs in Odd Ditties...!

23th July 2011

A couple of R&B classics, Hang On Sloopy and Louie Louie, both staples of 60’s garage bands, have been added to Odd Ditties. Check them out...!

18th July 2011

A couple more songs from the pen of Jonathan Richman are added this week. JR is a hugely underrated songwriter IMHO... Hope you like Egyptian Reggae and Ice Cream Man! So, where were you in ‘76...? Oh, right... You hadn’t yet arrived on the planet...

14th July 2011

Here are a couple more Clash songs to complete the Strummer & Jones page for the time being. Hope you enjoy Should I Stay Or Should I Go and Rock The Casbah...

3rd July 2011

Here’s a song that was heard absolutely everywhere in 2007: She’s So Lovely. Check it out in Odd Ditties...

And another two Kinks songs for your playing pleasure... So, here are Ray Davies’s Shangri-La and the beautiful Days. Hope you like them!

27th June 2011

Here’s another Ray Davies song, while we’re in RD mode... The Kinks’ first hit single, You Really Got Me

26th June 2011

Several updates to the Ray Davies page this week, including two new additions: Victoria and Slum Kids. I never cease to be amazed by how great these songs are...

5th June 2011

Kiss Me, by Sixpence None The Richer, a sweet and quite catchy song from 1998, is now added to Odd Ditties. Some of you will be too young to remember, though...

29th April 2011

I’ve added a couple of new songs and a couple of updates to the Split Enz page... Hope you like them!

24th April 2011

I found a couple of old Sting songs, from the first Police album, in my  old binder that I hadn’t got around to writing up on the site (and had  half-forgotten). So, while I’m recovering from my FZ blitz, here, for  you, are Roxanne and So Lonely on the Odd Ditties page: thirty-odd years after I first heard them. Well, better late than never, I suppose... Hope you like them!

1st April 2011

Five more ditties from the pen of Frank Zappa to complete his page (at least, for the time being...). So, please find: Be In My Video, the glorious Catholic Girls, Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow, Tinsel Town Rebellion and some themes from Peaches En Regalia, which I’ve added for your delectation.

I make that seventeen FZ songs in seven nights...! :O But I love this  guy’s stuff and wish he were still around. Next week, Ill be in New  York, so will try to get out more...

30th March 2011

Phew...! The Frank Zappa blitz continues... Here, for your playing pleasure, are five more FZ ditties: Charlie’s Enormous Mouth, Heavenly Bank Account, Bobby Brown Goes Down, Suicide Chump, and the extraordinary piece, Sofa No.2.

Sometimes, when you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone...!

28th March 2011

I’ve been having something of a Frank Zappa blitz these past few days, so here are four more songs for your playing pleasure: In France, Ride My Face To Chicago and Trying To Grow A Chin. And if you’re still wondering Does Humour Belong In Music? as once did FZ, please check out Joe’s Garage...

25th March 2011

Welcome to a new page for Frank Zappa! FZ wrote some quite challenging music during his life (for the listener and the musicians who had to play it). But he could also write some  very accessible pieces...

I hope you’ll like this stuff. FZ keeps the transcriber honest. He’ll  often change key following an instrumental, so you can’t assume  anything. To start us off, are Let’s Make The Water Turn Black: a catchy song about two charming teenage neighbours of Frank’s, and The Orange County Lumber Truck: an early instrumental that, live, used to be played at warp-speed.

And while we’re here, why not check out Camarillo Brillo with one of the coolest couplets in recorded song. See verse 2...

There’ll be a lot more FZ stuff coming soon. Watch this space...!

23rd March 2011

Please find a few new Odd Ditties for your playing pleasure, including alternate versions (for acoustic and electric) of U2’s extraordinary Beautiful Day...

16th March 2011

Have finally completed John & Macca’s page. Phew! Hope you find it useful... There are a few more of their transcriptions lying around in a binder but am unsure when I’ll get  around to them. There’s so much other stuff to get out there...

9th March 2011

Here, for your playing pleasure, are some more songs from the pen of John & Macca. I hope you enjoy them...

2nd March 2011

I thought it was time to re-visit a couple of Smiths songs, so please find some Johnny Marr guitar parts to two of their classics.

19th February 2011

Another Neil Finn song for your playing pleasure, and a staple of early Crowded House shows, Love You ‘Til The Day I Die.

11th February 2011

Please find another David Byrne song, Independence Day, from his first solo album Rei Momo. I hope you enjoy it! And George Harrison’s Got My Mind Set On You becomes one of the latest Odd Ditties

1st January 2011

A couple of updates to Roddy Frame’s page, (which I have long neglected). So, here, at last, is Rock God, Roddy’s homage to David Bowie, Marc Bolan (and Glam Rock in general)  and one of my fave RF songs. If you have a 12-string, this song will  sound immense...! A fitting way to start 2011, methinks.

And while we’re on the subject... Here is another David Bowie song, Let’s Dance, that you might like to try. I’ve also added a couple more Odd Ditties for your playing pleasure.

At this stage, I hope you have more than an odd ditty or two in the back  pocket. So, when the host of your next house-party, hoe-down or hootenanny, discovers that you can actually play, and insists that you sing for your supper, you’ll have no worries about stepping centre-stage, where you know you belong!

Happy New Year! And don’t forget to stay tuned.

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