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23rd December 2010

Since this song never leaves the UK Top 40 during the month of December, I thought it was time to include Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl‘s Fairytale of New York. You’ll find it on Kirsty’s page.

Thanks for all your support in 2010! Happy Holidays!

15th December 2010

More John and Macca songs, another David Bowie, completing his page for now, and a couple more Odd Ditties are added this month.

17th November 2010

Some new additions to Paul Kelly’s page this time, including When I First Met Your Ma. This is one of those really great songs you can find out there... And it’s still only three chords!

Here, also,  are a few more John and Macca songs for your playing pleasure. I’ll get there eventually...

A couple more Odd Ditties are added, too, so the page is filling up nicely

10th November 2010

Here are a couple more songs for your playing pleasure from the pen of John and Macca. I’m not a great fan of 70s Prog Rock, but I thought Yes did a great version of The Beatles’ Every Little Thing on their eponymous first album. Check it out...

And I hope you’ll enjoy a couple more Odd Ditties that I’ve added, too

3rd November 2010

Well, I thought it was time to get the John & Paul page up and running. Just a couple of familiar songs and a couple more that have been migrated from Odd Ditties.

And I hope you’ll enjoy a couple more Odd Ditties that I’ve added, too

7th October 2010

Here’s another song from Van that completes his page for now.

And, of course, we couldn’t let the week go by without a couple more Odd Ditties for your playing pleasure. Check them out...!

21st September 2010

A couple more from Crowded House to keep the page ticking along, including an attempt at Neil Finn’s delightful Lester. I think that that is more or less it, now, in terms of his more obscure ones that I’ve attempted...

Another upload of some Finn Bros songs for your playing pleasure. That completes their page. At least for now...! I also add Tim Finn’s Young Mountain, as a request, from his eponymous 1989 album. Not really a guitar song, so make of it what ye may!

Please find a couple more songs from Lou Reed. See what you make of them...

And, of course, a couple more Odd Ditties. Hope you like them!

12th September 2010

JR’s Roadrunner isn’t in Odd Ditties, is it? But you probably found it on the JR page! I think he deserves his own page so, sorry for any confusion.

Let me introduce Sondre Lerche (pron. lerker), this week: a young Norwegian guy with influences from 80’s  pop, jazz and Brazilian music, who writes mildly eccentric songs. Check  out Two-way Monologue to start with. I hope to get some more uploaded soon.

It’s definitely time for some classics from the pen of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook. These guys wrote one hit after another for Squeeze in the 80’s.

Some more Finn Brothers songs from Everyone Is Here are also uploaded, plus an attempt at Tim Finn’s Water Birth. These have been around for a few years, so sorry for my tardiness...!

A couple more David Byrne songs from the days of Talking Heads are also added for your playing pleasure...

Graham Gouldman is also long overdue a presence here. He’s probably best known as  bassist in 10cc, but was writing hits for other people as a 19 year old. Check out some songs you may not have known were written by him!

And, of course, a couple more Odd Ditties to keep you amused. I find it’s always useful to have an odd ditty or  two in your back-pocket, in case you’re asked to sing for your supper at the next weekend house-party, hoe-down, BBQ, dinner-party or  whatever...!

6th September 2010

Here, at last, is some stuff from Lou Reed to get his page going. Hope you like them. A few more are on their way. This week, also, are a couple of my favourite Paul Simon songs, including the beautiful René and Georgette Magritte... Check out the S&G page, too, for some more familiar songs.

Paul Weller also makes a belated entrance with a couple of my favourites from the  days of The Jam. You must have heard these...? Check them out! Two  absolute classics from Otis Redding & Steve Cropper are also uploaded for your playing pleasure! Not for busking, necessarily, but cool to know if you’re put on the spot...!

I include a couple of Missy Higgins songs from her million-selling first album (with more to follow, once I work out how to play them...) ;) Hope you like these two! And there’s  also some more Syd Barrett for your playing pleasure.

Joe Strummer & Mick Jones’s page is finally kicked-off with a Clash classic. The Clash writing  credits used usually to include all band members, but JS and MJ had more than their say in the matter, and MJ was anyway the “chief arranger”

Jonathan Richman’s classic Roadrunner is uploaded to Odd Ditties. Where were you in ‘76? OK, so you hadn’t arrived on the planet then... Fair enough. I have a couple more JR songs somewhere, so watch this space!

1st September 2010

A big upload this month for Bic Runga, She is an extraordinary singer, songwriter and omni-instrumentalist, who is long overdue world-wide recognition, but who is barely heard of  outside of NZ and Oz, despite having toured the UK, US and France. Check out anything she’s ever written. Warmly recommended!

Colin Hay is also uploaded for your playing pleasure. Not heard of him? He  co-wrote that really annoying hit for Men At Work in the 80s. However, his solo stuff hails from a galaxy far, far away... Here are three wonderful  songs that you ought to hear and learn to play.

I thought it was time to start Dave Dobbyn’s page with a couple of great songs. There’s a risk that he might send  above critical mass the number of Kiwis on this site, but I couldn’t not include one of my all time favourites, Beside You. Also, a couple of songs are uploaded to kick off Roddy Frame’s page. RF is a master guitarist and songwriter. If you haven’t heard these, do check them out!

It’s taken a while, but here are some songs to start David Bowie’s page. Listening again to these early songs, one can only acknowledge that he was one of the Masters...

Another Byrds song from the pen of Roger McGuinn is uploaded, too. And, of course, a couple more Odd Ditties that I hope you’ll enjoy, including John Martyn’s, May You Never!

22nd August 2010

By popular demand, some Tim Finn is uploaded this time plus a few Split Enz songs by Tim, Neil and Paul Hester. Hope you like them! Two songs from James Mercer are uploaded and two from the Poet Laureate of Oz culture, Mr Paul Kelly.

I thought I’d start a new Nerina Pallot page, while I’m here. She had an astonishing 2001 debut album, full of  catchy songs. There’ll be a couple of my faves to start...

Burt & Hal’s page is kicked off with one of their classics! And I couldn’t let another week go by without some stuff from Kevin Ayers, so I hope you’ll enjoy them. And last but not least, two classics from the pen of Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding.

15th August 2010

KT Tunstall is now uploaded. Some extraordinary songs from the first album! Do try to give her a listen! You must have heard Suddenly I See, surely...?

Some more Finn Bros, and a few more favourites from Crowded House plus a couple of songs each from Johnny Marr and Lee Mavers...

David Byrne’s Heaven starts off his page. There is a classic Byrds track courtesy of Roger McGuinn and a few songs, too, from dear, departed, Syd Barrett. And a version of Van’s Irish Heartbeat to start his page!

Please find a new page, too, for Neil Young!

10th August 2010

Some Kirsty MacColl is uploaded to start us off... If you’re not familiar with her stuff,  shame on you! I insist that you give her a listen at the earliest  opportunity!

Also some Neil Finn solo stuff, a few Crowded House rarities and a couple of new CH songs. Do check out the early Finn Bros stuff. I’d be seriously shocked, if you haven’t heard an NF song in the course of your span on the planet!

Nor could I start without some from the Master, Ray Davies. And I hope you’ll enjoy a few Odd Ditties that I’ve added, too

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