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16th December 2013

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! In three years, The Blind Guitarist has created such an eclectic bunch of song transcriptions (everything from I Wanna Be Like You (The Jungle Book) to White Punks On Dope (The Tubes)), that I would be surprised if there weren’t at least something here with which to impress your fans.

2013 saw six new pages created for Odd Ditties, and new songwriter pages for Adam Schlesinger, Ric Ocasek, Cary Brothers, Luke Pritchard, Buddy Holly, Matt Nathanson, Jay Clifford, Rhett Miller, Chris Carrabba, Regina Spektor, Ben Gibbard and Joshua Radin. There were also re-vamped pages for Ray Davies and Kevin Ayers (who sadly passed away in February this year). The current total song count is an eye-watering 1041 transcriptions.

I hope you’ll find yourself at a house-party, hoe-down or hootenanny on New Year’s Eve! And if your host insists that you sing for your supper, you’ll be able to reach for a guitar and step centre-stage. Isn’t that, after all, where you belong...? Have a great holiday and, whatever you do...

14th December 2013

While I’m on about cool acoustic covers, here is Kids, covered by Brighton (UK) band, The Kooks in 2009. Written by Andrew Van Wyngarden and Ben Goldwasser of the U.S. psychedelic band MGMT, this was covered by Luke Pritchard and Hugh Harris of The Kooks, live-to-air, in a Triple J radio session. This transcription is of that performance. A gorgeous version. Check it out in Odd Ditties!

12th December 2013

I Want You Back, written by songwriting team “The Corporation” on Motown Records, was a hit for the Jackson Five in 1969 that you can find on the album Diana Ross Presents The Jackson Five.

KT Tunstall made a legendary cover-version that became a live favourite. Kate plays this in the key of E, but the original was in G#. Check it out on the KT Tunstall page. And check out the original in Odd Ditties!

8th December 2013

KT Tunstall’s 2013 album Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon was possibly a departure for some of her fans. This is definitely more voice- and acoustic guitar-driven. Here are Feel It All and Made Of Glass, two lovely songs from that album. Check them out on the KT Tunstall page!

5th December 2013

Here are a couple of classics by The Boss... First, Dancing In The Dark which you can find on the 1984 album Born In The U.S.A. Next, we have Born To Run from  Bruce Springsteen‘s breakthrough 1975 album of the same name. Check them both out in Odd Ditties!

Dear Darlin’ was a 2012 hit for Olly Murs that you can find on his 2012 album Right Place Right Time. This is a cool song, so I hope you enjoy. Check it out in Odd Ditties!

1st December 2013

Sunday Girl, another catchy song written by Chris Stein, was featured on Blondie’s 1979 album Parallel Lines. Have a look for it in Odd Ditties.

Here are four songs from Regina Spektor‘s 2006 album Begin To Hope. So, I hope you like Aquarius, On The Radio, Better and Fidelity. Check them out on the Regina Spektor page!

27th November 2013

I thought that Row Of Homes was a great song by U.S. indie band The Western States Motel . From their eponymous 2006 album. Check it out in Odd Ditties!

And here are four cool songs from the 2009 Regina Spektor album Far.Hope you enjoy Blue Lips, Folding Chair, Genius Next Door and One More Time With Feeling. Check them out on the Regina Spektor page!

22nd November 2013

Conversation 16, written by Matt Behringer, Aaron Dessner and Carin Besser is a catchy song performed by The National and is featured on their 2010 album High Violet. That one you can find in Odd Ditties.

Ne Me Quitte Pas and Samson are two old songs by Regina Spektor  that are to be found on her 2002 album Songs. Check them out on the Regina Spektor page!

18th November 2013

More Regina Spektor songs for your playing pleasure. Here are The Call, Love and You’re A Whore, that are featured on her 2010 album Live In London. Check them out on the Regina Spektor page.

Here, too, is a Schuyler Fisk, Hello, that you can find on her 2009 album The Good Stuff. That one you can find in Odd Ditties.

13th November 2013

And another Regina Spektor song, Us, that is featured on her 2004 album Soviet Kitsch. Check it out on the Regina Spektor page.

The Travelling Wilburys  were a temporary “supergroup” comprising Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty. They released two albums and then stopped. End Of The Line is a song from their 1989 album Volume 1. Very easy chords: D, A and G all the way! Check it out in Odd Ditties.

9th November 2013

Some more Regina Spektor... Here, from her 2012 album, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats are four cool songs: The Party, All The Rowboats, How and Jessica. Check them out on the Regina Spektor page.

Wakin’ On A Pretty Day is a song written by Kurt Vile that you can find on his 2009 album Wakin' On A Pretty Daze. Very easy chords. Check it out in Odd Ditties.

5th November 2013

Mexico is a cool song written by Jay Clifford for his band Jump, Little Children, which you can find on the 2003 album Between The Dim And The Dark. Check it out on the Jay Clifford page.

Stéphanie Sokolinski is a French actress and singer-songwriter who performs as Soko. I’ll Kill Her is a great song (despite the narrator’s murderous intentions) from her 2007 debut EP called Not Sokute. Check it out in Odd Ditties.

1st November 2013

Another cool Chris Carrabba song is Rapid Hope Loss, featured on the 2003 Dashboard Confessional album A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar. It’s in standard tuning for a nice change. Check it out on the Chris Carrabba page.

All ‘Cause Of You was written by Keith Sletterdahl of West Coast indie band The 88, and can be found on their 2005 album Over And Over. Check it out in Odd Ditties.

27th October 2013

Crash Kings are an alt. rock band from L.A., who released their eponymous debut album in 2009. The gorgeous My Love is from that album and is co-written by the band members.

The Band Perry is an American country music band comprising three siblings, Kimberly (guitar, piano, lead vocals), Reid (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Neil (mandolin, drums, accordion, backing vocals). If I Die Young, written by Kimberly Perry, became a mega-selling single in 2010. It can be found on their  eponymous 2010 debut album.

Check them both out in Odd Ditties.

23rd October 2013

Far was a 2009 album by Regina Spektor that was full of gorgeous songs. Check out Eet, Laughing With and Two Birds from that album on the Regina Spektor page.

Burning Down The House, from the 1983 album Speaking In Tongues was written by      David Byrne and Talking Heads, having been inspired by Byrne having lived, in the 1970s, on Avenue A, in NYC’s Lower East Side, when Talking Heads were playing regularly at CBGB’s. It was always a live favourite. Have a look for it on the David Byrne page.

18th October 2013

Pass It On, written by James Skelly, is a song  from The Coral’s 2003 album Magic and Medicine and was their highest charting single, reaching #5 in the UK. It has a similar structure to The Beatles’ You Like Me Too Much.

Ain’t No Reason is the opening track on Brett Dennen‘s 2006 album So Much More. A gorgeous song... Check them out in Odd Ditties...!

15th October 2013

World Spins Madly On is a cool song written by Deb Talan and Steve Tannen and performed by their band The Weepies. It was released on their 2006 home-recorded album So I Am You. Several songs from this classic album have featured in US TV series.

Last Request, from the 2006 album These Streets, was Paolo Nutini’s breakthrough hit. A great song with easy chords. Just a shame that someone else didn’t sing it... Check them out in Odd Ditties...!

11th October 2013

Three more songs for your playing pleasure... Where Do You Go is a song written by Ken Block for the band Sister Hazel that you can find on their 2006 album Absolutely. And All For You  is a 1997 song that you can find on the album Somewhere More Familiar.

Cindy is a gorgeous song in Open tuning that was written by Stephen O’Reilly.  You can find it on the 2000 album Back In The Bottle by Tammany Hall NYC. Check them out in Odd Ditties.

7th October 2013

Two songs for your playing pleasure... Still Fighting It, written by Ben Folds, is from his 2001album Rockin’ The Suburbs.

And Follow Through, written by Gavin DeGraw, is from his 2003 album Chariot. Check them both out in Odd Ditties.

1st October 2013

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker is a song by The Ramones  that first appeared on their third LP,   Rocket To Russia in 1977. Written by Joey Ramone, the song was one of the Ramones' more  popular and enduring songs, showing the band's “Surf Rock”€ influences. It was    covered by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the 2009 album, Heroes, a recording for the War Child charity organization.

Tell Her This is a beautiful song in 12/8, written by Justin Currie for his band Del Amitri. It appeared on the 1995 album, Twisted.

Check them both out in Odd Ditties.

28th September 2013

Two great songs for your playing pleasure are Innocent and Somewhere Out There. Written by Raine Maida, and performed by his band Our Lady Peace, you can find them on the 2002 album Gravity. Enjoy!

The Book Of Love, written by Stephin Merritt in 1999, was released on The Magnetic Fields album 69 Love Songs. It was famously covered in 2004 by Peter Gabriel.

Check them all out in Odd Ditties.

23rd September 2013

Carolina and You Remind Me Of Home are two lovely songs by Ben Gibbard from the 2003 album Home Volume V. Check them out on the Ben Gibbard page!

Come On Home, written by Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy was a 2004 song performed by Franz Ferdinand which you can find on their eponymous debut album. Check it out in Odd Ditties.

20th September 2013

Here are three cool, and very different, songs for your playing pleasure. Here, is Last Salutation from the 2005 album of the same name by the great Randy Coleman.

Catch My Disease is an upbeat song by Aussie songrwriter Ben Lee. It has had numerous placements in U.S. T.V. series. You can find it on his 2005 album, Awake Is The New Sleep.

Last up is the incredible Close Your Eyes, written by Dan Keyes and performed by Young Love. You can find that on their 2007 album Too Young To Fight It. This is cool and catchy and very buskable. Check them all out in Odd Ditties.

14th September 2013

Here are two cool songs written by Ben Gibbard from the 2005 album Plans by alternative rock/pop band Death Cab For Cutie. First up is Crooked Teeth, an upbeat song with nice chords.

And I Will Follow You Into The Dark is definitely a song about Big Stuff: Love and the nature of the Afterlife. Check them out on the Ben Gibbard page!

10th September 2013

Here is a cool song by the Australian singer-songwriter Pete Murray. Opportunity can be found on his 2005 album See The Sun. Here, too, is an extended tab of Missed The Boat from the 2007 album We Were Dead Before The Boat Sank by Modest Mouse. This was the first album released by the band after Johnny Marr joined them.

Teenage Dirtbag, written by Brendan B Brown, was a 2000 hit for Wheatus that can be found on the album of the same name. Check them out in Odd Ditties!

5th September 2013

Here are to gorgeous songs, written by Jay Clifford and performed by his band Jump, Little Children. From the 1998 album Magazine, here are B-13 and Cathedrals. Check them out in Odd Ditties!

1st September 2013

Here are three great songs, written by Ric Ocasek and performed by The Cars. From their 1978 debut album are My Best Friend’s Girl and Just What I Needed. And from the album   Heartbeat City is their famous song Drive. Check them out on the Ric Ocasek page!

26th August 2013

Here are four great, and very different, songs for your playing pleasure. First, is the gorgeous Miracle, written by David Grohl and performed by his band Foo Fighters. It’s from their 2005 album In Your Honour.

Martin Sexton ‘s song Diner is from the 2004 album Black Sheep. Rhythmically challenging, but would be an awesome to busk. Then we have the classic Forever Lost which was the breakthrough song for The Magic Numbers in 2005. From their eponymous debut album.

And here, too, is the lovely Fair by the now defunct band Remy Zero from their 1998 album   Villa Elaine. Hope you like! Check them all out in Odd Ditties.

21st August 2013

Two great songs from two very different songwriters... First, by Bonnie Somervillle, is Winding Road from her 2009 album Songs From Another Life. You may have heard this from the soundtrack to the Zach Braff film Garden State.

And here is Better Things, written by Ray Davies and performed by The Kinks, from the   1981 album Give The People What They Want. Check it out on the Ray Davies page!

19th August 2013

A couple more Joshua Radin songs for you playing pleasure... Here are Don’t Look Away from the 2004 EP  First Between 3rd and 4th and Sky and  Brand New Day   from the 2008 album Simple Times. Check them out on the JR page.

I also thought you might also like to try a cover JR made of Yazoo’s 1982 hit  Only You that was written by Vince Clarke. That one you can find in Odd Ditties. Enjoy!

14th August 2013

Have been having a bit of a CC blitz since I launched his songwriter page. So, here are a few more gorgeous songs from Chris Carrabba performed by his band Dashboard Confessional. From the 2003 album A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar, are As Lovers Go and Hands Down.

From the 2001 album Dusk And Summer is Don’t Wait. Also from 2001 and another album The Places You have Come To Fear The Most is The Best Deceptions.

 And from 2009’s Alter The Ending is the gorgeous Belle Of The Boulevard. Enjoy!

10th August 2013

The Blind Guitarist is 3 years old today! Whoooo... Happy Birthday to us! Didn’t that year go quickly...? Well, some new songwriters and quite a few song  transcriptions later, and here we are again. If you haven’t changed those guitar strings yet, I really think you should... I wasn’t going to mention it, but they look...well...disgusting...

Have been listening to a lot of Ben Gibbard recently. His 2012 debut solo album Former Lives  produced some great songs. I’ve transcribed my favourites on the new Ben Gibbard page so, I hope you’ll enjoy playing Teardrop Windows, A Hard One To Know, Bigger Than Love, Something’s Rattling (Cowpoke) and the gorgeous Lily.

6th August 2013

I’ve been filling up the Chris Carrabba page since its launch last month. So, here, from Dashboard Confession‘s 2007 album Dusk And Summer is the wonderful Stolen.

And from their 2000 debut album Swiss Army Romance are Age Six Racer and Again, I Go Unnoticed. Hope you like these great songs! Check them all out on the Chris Carrabba page.

2nd August 2013

I’ve been filling up the Cary Brothers page since its launch a couple of months ago. So, from his 2007 debut album Who You Are are Blue Eyes, The Glass Parade and Ride.

And from his latest 2010 album Under Control, I hope you’ll enjoy Ghost Town, Alien, Belong and Someday. Check them all out on the Cary Brothers page.

30th July 2013

Here are some cool songs from one of my favourite songwriters. That Thing You Do was a classic Adam Schlesinger song from the 1996 film of the same name.

Three more songs for your playing pleasure were performed by Fountains Of Wayne and can be found on their 2003 album Welcome Interstate Managers. So, I hope you enjoy playing Hey Julie, Stacy’s Mom and  the brilliant All Kinds Of Time, written by Adam Schlesinger or co-written by him and Chris Collingwood. Check them out on the Adam Schlesinger page.

26th July 2013

Here are three cool songs for your playing pleasure... Good Life, from the 1994 album  Fearless, is written by Francis Dunnery and is in a gloriously weird tuning. It sounds great, so check it out.

Fighting For My Love, from his eponymous 1996 album, is written by Nil Lara. A really great song for hot summer nights.

And last we have Sideways, from the 2004 album The Clarence Greenwood Recordings, written by the man himself aka Citizen Cope. Check them all out in Odd Ditties!

20th July 2013

And here are three more songs, written by Rhett Miller, that were performed by the Old 97’s. You can find them on their classic 2001 album Satellite Rides. So, I hope you’ll enjoy Victoria (an old song written in 1996), Wreck Your Life and Singular Girl. You can find these on the Rhett Miller page.

And here is a great song for your busking repertoire: Collide written by Howie Day that you find on his 2004 album Stop All The World Now.

Buddy Holly is the catchy classic by Weezer that is on their eponymous 1994 album, Weezer. Check them both out in Odd Ditties!

17th July 2013

I recently launched a new page for Rhett Miller and have been working on some of his stuff. Please check out these amazing songs... From the 2002 album The Instigator, I hope you like Things That Disappear, Hover, World Inside The World, Come Around and the classic Our Love.

12th July 2013

Here are some more Joshua Radin songs that you can find on his own page. I hope you’ll enjoy playing Think I’ll Go Inside  from his 2010 album The Rock And The Tide.

And from his 2006  debut album, We Were Here, are Someone Else’s Life, These Photographs, Everything’ll Be All Right, Closer and What If You. I think these are great songs, so I hope you’ll check them out.

8th July 2013

Some more Matt Nathanson from his 2007 album Some Mad Hope. Here are Sooner Surrender, and his mega-selling single from that album Come On Get Higher. Check them out on the Matt Nathanson page! Hope you like!

And here is Teenage Kicks from the Belfast band, The Undertones, a Golden Oldie from  1978. One I made a while back is my transcription of Surrender,a tremendous song by Cheap Trick that you can find on their 1978 album, Heaven Tonight. Hope you enjoy that one! These two you can find in Odd Ditties. Enjoy!

4th July 2013

Here are four cool songs for you to celebrate the holiday if you live in the U.S.! First, an oldie that the wonderful Arthur Alexander used to sing. This is Soldier Of Love (Lay Down Your Arms) from 1961, a song written by Tony Moon and Buzz Cason. Check it out in Odd Ditties!

And then here are three songs written by James Mercer from the 2012 album Port Of Morrow by The Shins: Bait And Switch, Simple Song and It’s Only Life, Check them out on the James Mercer page!

30th June 2013

Phew, the last day of June already...

Not a song to busk, necessarily (unless you fancy your chances) but a song you could play to a loved one. Let’s Get It On, written by Marvin Gaye and Ed Townsend and performed by Marvin in 1973 is the Official Theme Song Of Sex. Hope you enjoy!

How To Save A Life, the title track from the 2005 debut album by The Fray was written by  Isaac Slade and Joe King  This triple platinum selling song has been used in several medical TV shows. Check it out in Odd Ditties.

28th June 2013

Here is some classic David Bowie for your playing pleasure: The Man Who Sold The World from the 1971 album of the same name, and two film themes from the 1980s. Hope you enjoy Absolute Beginners and Cat People.

26th June 2013

Have recently been having a minor James Mercer blitz... Head over to his page for some more great Shins’ songs. Here are: Those To Come, Gone For Good and the gorgeous Saint Simon from their 2003 album Chutes Too Narrow.

And from the 2007 album Wincing The Night Away, here are Australia, Turn On Me and A Comet Appears. Hope you like!

23rd June 2013

Question is a cool song written by Rhett Miller for his band the Old 97’s, and can be found on their 2001 album Satellite Rides. It is a great song to busk. Have a listen, too, to Camera One by the now-defunct Josh Joplin Group. It can be found on their 2001 re-released album Useful Music (and on YouTube, of course).

And third, here is Dreaming Of You by UK band The Coral from their eponymous 2002 debut album. Very catchy and a good one to busk if there are two of you. It was written by James Skelly. You can find all three in Odd Ditties. Enjoy!

21st June 2013

Here are three more James Mercer songs for your playing pleasure. So, from The Shins’ 2001 debut album, Oh, Inverted World, I hope you enjoy New Slang, Know Your Onion and The Past And The Pending.

19th June 2013

I’ve created a new page for singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson. Here are four of his songs to start us off... From his 1999 album Still Waiting For Spring is Little Victories. Here, too, is I Saw from the 2003 album Beneath The Fireworks, and Car Crash, and Still from his 2007 album Some Mad Hope. Hope you enjoy!

16th June 2013

Here are six more Buddy Holly songs for your playing pleasure. This finishes the minor Buddy Holly blitz I’ve been having. From his eponymous 1958 album, I hope you’ll enjoy Everyday, Listen To Me, Little Baby, Look At Me, Peggy Sue and  the gorgeous Words Of Love. Check them out on the Buddy Holly page.

12th June 2013

Here are three songs from David Bowie‘s  2013 album The Next Day Hope you like The Stars (Are Out Tonight), Where Are You Now? and Valentine’s Day. Check them out on the David Bowie page!

9th June 2013

Here’s some more Buddy Holly for your playing pleasure from his 1958 album That’ll Be The Day. Hope you enjoy Don’t Come Back Knockin’ and Love Me.

And, from Arthur Alexander, here are two gorgeous songs that only gained recognition for Arthur after they were covered. Anna (Go To Him) was a  single  for Arthur in 1962. Lennon loved this song and The Beatles covered it on their Please Please Me album in 1963. You Better Move On was a single for Arthur in 1961 and was covered by The Stones on their eponymous debut album. Check them out in Odd Ditties!

6th June 2013

 I created a new Buddy Holly page last month, so here, to start, are some songs from the 1957 album The Chirping Crickets. I hope you enjoy playing these great songs. Here are I’m Looking For Someone To Love; Maybe Baby; Not Fade Away; Tell Me How; and That’ll Be The Day.

4th June 2013

Here are three songs that you might like to try... First up is a hot samba from David Byrne  that you can find on his 1989 album Rei Momo. This is  Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your World  

 Here, too, is New Town Velocity, a song from Johnny Marr‘s latest album The Messenger.      You can find a tab on the Johnny Marr page. Enjoy!

 And last up is a song from David Bowie ‘s1974 album Aladdin Sane. This is Watch That Man. It may be nearly 40 years old but it sounds so fresh that it might have written yesterday.

1st June 2013

The1st June, 1974 was the date of a now legendary Kevin Ayers gig, with John Cale, Nico and Brian Eno at what was then called the Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London. The show was recorded and made into an album. I was there.

So, to commemorate, here is Running In The Human Race from Kev’s 1992 album  Still Life With Guitar, plus the classic bass instrumental Joy Of A Toy from Soft Machine’s 1968 debut album The Soft Machine Vol 1. Check them out on the Kevin Ayers page.

28th May 2013

Cream’s Sunshine Of Your Love was written by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown and featured on the 1968 album Disraeli Gears. It was very much a live favourite and was subsequently covered by several artists, including a version by Jimi Hendrix. Check it out in Odd Ditties!

All The Way From Memphis was the second big hit single by the band Mott The Hoople and the first written by Ian Hunter. Classic rock ‘n’ roll from The Motts. You can find a substantial tab of this song in Odd Ditties.

25th May 2013

Co-written by Andy Razaf, Harry Brooks and Fats Waller, Ain’t Misbehavin’  has become a jazz classic that has been covered by all the great female jazzers: Fitzgerald, Holiday, Vaughn and Washington. Probably the coolest song ever written. Check it out in Odd Ditties...

23rd May 2013

My “R.E.M.” blitz continues with a couple of songs from their 1987 album Document. So, I hope you like The One I Love and It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) plus Imitation Of Life from the 2001 album, Reveal.

Here, too, is a favourite of mine, Bad Day, which didn’t get a release until the album In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1998-2003.

You can see them all on the Buck, Mills & Stipe page. Enjoy!

18th May 2013

Here is a great song from American songwriter Joseph Arthur from his 2001 album Come To Where I’m From. Hope you like  In The Sun. Check it out in Odd Ditties!

Here, too, is another R.E.M. song for your playing pleasure from the 1998 album Up. This is the gentle Daysleeper . Have a look on the Buck, Mills & Stipe page.

16th May 2013

Gerard McMahon (aka Gerard McMann, aka G Tom Mac) is an English singer-songwriter who is known in the business for writing for film and TV. He is probably most famous for writing Cry Little Sister for the 1987 film Lost Boys. His 2000 album, G Tom Mac, comprised a bunch of catchy songs. The song Half, from that album, was used in the TV series Scrubs. Hope you enjoy! You can find it in Odd Ditties!

14th May 2013

My R.E.M. mini-blitz continues... Here are three songs from their classic 1991 album Out Of Time. Hope you like Losing My Religion, Shiny Happy People and the wonderful Half A World Away. Check them out on the Buck, Mills and Stipe page and enjoy!

11th May 2013

A couple more R.E.M. songs for your playing pleasure... I think you could probably fit any R.E.M. song into your repertoire. But choose the catchiest ones! Here are Nightswimming   from the 1992 album Automatic For The People and the classic What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? from the album Monster from 1994. Check them out on the Buck, Mills and Stipe page and enjoy!

8th May 2013

Here are two classic songs from the pens of Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe. Man On The Moon, and Everybody Hurts are two R.E.M. songs that you can find on their 1992 album Automatic For The People. Great songs for your repertoire! Just stroll over to the Buck, Mills and Stipe page and you can check them out.

3rd May 2013

Now that we just might be approaching something akin to summer (I’m hedging my bets, here), we can at least sing about it. Summertime  was written by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin in 1935 for the musical Porgy and Bess. This is my own arrangement of this classic. See what you make of it in Odd Ditties...! 

1st May 2013

Phew! The 1st May already... To celebrate the appearance of a fiery orb in the sky, here are two uber-cool songs that you really ought to be able to play on request. First up, is the simply gorgeous Moon River, written by Henry Mancini for Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Then I give you Ain’t Misbehaving, a 1929 song written by Fats Waller, Harry Brooks and Andy Razaf. It has been covered by 157 (at the last count) different artists,including the major female jazzers. Billie Holiday’s version is a classic.

Take a stroll over to the just re-furbished Odd Ditties section and check them out!

27th April 2013

Here is Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your World by David Byrne from his extraordinary Rei Momo album. So, I hope you like this Samba. Why not check it out on the David Byrne page.

24th April 2013

Happy Birthday Vitória de Lara! Five years old today. Here, to celebrate, are two great songs from David Byrne’s 1989 album Rei Momo. Hope you like Lie To Me and Marching Through The Wilderness.

Check them out on the David Byrne page.

20th April 2013

Home is the gorgeous opening track on the 2008 album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. This was the second collaborative album from David Byrne and Brian Eno and is a blend of electronic, gospel, exploring themes of humanity versus technology and optimism despite bleak circumstances.

Check it out on the David Byrne page.

15th April 2013

I’ve been neglecting Tom Jobim, especially after telling you how influential and significant he was as a songwriter. But his stuff is quite difficult to work out... (Either that, or this transcriber has unusually limited abilities). But here are a couple of songs you might like. You can find them on YouTube... Here is Wave from the 1967 album of the same name, and the classic  Desafinado, a bossa nova, first released on Joao Gilberto’s 1959 album Chega de Saudade. Check them out on the Antonio Carlos Jobim page.

Here, too, is a new tab of The KillersMr Brightside, this one for electric guitar. I also updated my acoustic version. I prefer the acoustic version. It really does sound good now! Check it out in Odd Ditties.

9th April 2013

Downtown was a US #1 and a UK #2 for Petula Clark in 1964. This song also became  transcription number: 800 for The Blind Guitarist.

Everyone knows how to sing this, so why not learn how to play it...? Easy chords, so check it out in Odd Ditties!

6th April 2013

Stand And Deliver, written by Stuart Goddard and Marco Pirroni was a UK #1 for Adam & The Ants and can be found on their 1981 album Prince Charming. This song is an absolute classic. Head on over to Odd Ditties and check it out. Hope you enjoy!

Price Tag was a UK #1 hit for Jessie J in 2011. You can find it on her album Who You Are. Stroll on over to Odd Ditties and check it out!

31st March 2013

Come On Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners was one of the great songs, not only of 1982, but of all time. You would be hard pushed to find a song with a better intro. It is quite complex, with parts for horn, saxophone and violin. But see what you make of my transcription.

And here, too, is Lightning Bolt  by Jake Bugg from his eponymous 2012 album. Hope you like. Check them both out in Odd Ditties.

28th March 2013

Stay With Me was written by Jerry Ragovoy and George David Weiss for the late, great Lorraine Ellison and released as a single in 1966. It has been covered 18 times over the years, but Ellison’s version is stellar... Look for it on YouTube and check out my transcription in Odd Ditties!

17th March 2013

Here is Such A Night, a fabulous Dr John song from his 1973 classic album In The Right Place. Admittedly, it’s a piano song, and it’s in the “wrong” key for the guitar. (But we can sort that out!) So, if you want to play along, check this out in Odd Ditties!

I’ll be in New York City from tomorrow. I have my eye on a Gretsch G6120, such as Eddie Cochran used to play (and Sondre Lerche still plays). Not sure I can afford it, though. Will be transcribing for you when I get back.

12th March 2013

Valentine Moon, written by Jools Holland and Sam Brown, you can find on Jools’s 2001 album Small World Big Band.  A swingy song with very nice chords. It’s going to mean another stroll over to Odd Ditties...

Black Beauty was a cool song, written by Jools Holland and Chris Difford, that Jools sang in his 1984 documentary Jools In Jamaica, first shown in an episode of Channel 4’s The Tube. I haven’t been able to find it on a recording but if you know of one, let me know!

Stroll on over to Odd Ditties and check it out!

7th March 2013

I have to admit that I never ever thought that I would catch myself transcribing a Michael Bublé song. But this song is remarkably catchy and fulfils the general criteria for appearing on TBG (i.e. I have to like it).

Haven’t Met You Yet was the first single from Michael Bublé’s 2009 album Crazy Love. Check it out on YouTube and why not play along! You’ll find the transcription in Odd Ditties.

2nd March 2013

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother was a hit single for The Hollies in 1969. You’re likely to have heard it performed last year by various artists in aid of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster. Check it out in Odd Ditties.

28th February 2013

In memory of dear, departed Kevin Ayers, I thought I’d add a couple more of his songs. So, why not check out a staple of his live shows with Ollie Halsall, Here is I Don’t Depend On You which you can find on his 1992 album Still Life With Guitar (and on YouTube, of course). Another favourite from that band’s repertoire is Take It Easy from his 1984 album Deià Vu.  

And here, too, is the catchy title track of his 1975 album Sweet Deceiver. Hope you enjoy...! You can find them all on the Kevin Ayers page!

25th February 2013

My last Jagger/Richards song has been laying in my working binder for months. It was strangely difficult. So, see what you make of Start Me Up the Rolling Stones 1981 album Tattoo You. Check it out on the Mick Jagger & Keith Richards page. Enjoy!

22nd February 2013

Farewell, Kevin Ayers, who passed away this week! You’ll be sorely missed... Here are two more Kev songs for your playing pleasure: Clarence In Wonderland, a staple of early Soft Machine shows and featured on Joy Of A Toy (1969), and Walk On Water from Kev’s 2007 album, The Unfairground. I’ve also re-vamped the Kev page a bit with some new pictures.

Rest in peace, Kev.

21st February 2013

Another Joe Jackson song for you to try out. You Can’t Get What You Want (‘Til You Know What You Want) was a major hit for JJ in 1984. You can find it on the Body and Soul album. This is not really a guitar song as it’s very horn-driven. The only guitar on the recording is a wah wah played in the intro. But I hope you can arrange something for guitar. Nice chords!

Check it out on the Joe Jackson page!

Here, too, is a new version of Dear Father by Colin Hay, with an updated INTRO figure. Hope you like!

18th February 2013

Last year, as part of a Graham Gouldman & Eric Stewart blitz, I transcribed the lovely song Rock ‘n’ Roll Lullabye from 10cc’s 1976 album How dare you! (but sans guitar solo). Then, I promised you an update. So, here is an update where you have a complete, tabbed guitar solo. I got there eventually...

14th February 2013

I was having a sort of “pre-Spring” clean at home and found some old R.E.M. tabs in an old folder (yes, on paper...). These I probably made some time in the 80s/90s.

I was never a great R.E.M. fan but there were a handful of their songs that I thought were quite catchy. Here, to start us off is Man On The Moon from their 1992 album Automatic For The People. So, welcome to the brand new Stipe, Buck & Mills page.

This is a cool song, so why not impress your loved one today by playing it (if he/she has not already left the building...).

11th February 2013

Whoooo! Happy Birthday to me! To celebrate, I give you one of my favourite songs from the English band Prefab Sprout.

Prefab Sprout debuted in 1982 with their self-released single, Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone), penned by Paddy McAloon, who wanted a title the initial letters of which spelt “Limoges”, the French city where his then girlfriend was living.

This is a cool song that is tuneful, enigmatic and melancholy. Check it out in Odd Ditties!

3rd February 2013


Gong Xi Fai Choi

Happy Chinese New Year!  Welcome to the year of the Snake! If you’re celebrating Golden Week and you need a break from the relatives (or even if you’re not (and don’t)), here’s another transcription for you to try.

Take a stroll over to Odd Ditties and check out this cool Kate Rusby song, Underneath The Stars, from her 2003 album of the same name. Not a fan of Kate’s... Well, there are several hundred other songs for you to try... Do you like Jack White’s stuff? Seven Nation Army was another Jack White classic that you can find on The White Stripes’ third album Elephants (2003). It’s also in Odd Ditties!

30th January 2013

Here are two of the last hits that The Jam had before Paul Weller decided to call time on the band. So I hope you like playing Precious from the 1982 album The Gift and their last single Beat Surrender. Check them out on the Paul Weller page.

27th January 2013

A classic song from the days of The Jam is Paul Weller’s The Eton Rifles from the album Setting Sons (1979). Hope you like this extended tab.

24th January 2013

Continuing the mini Paul Weller blitz, here are You Do Something To Me and The Changingman from his classic 1995 solo album Stanley Road.

20th January 2013

I thought it was time for some more Paul Weller, so here are a couple more songs for your playing pleasure. First up is The Modern World from The Jam’s 1977 debut album This Is The Modern World (1977). And second, Town Called Malice from their final studio album The Gift (1982).Check them out on the re-vamped Paul Weller page, and enjoy!

I’ve removed the Contact Us... page. Its time has passed... Most would prefer to use social media, I think... But if you want to email me here, the address is at the top of every transcription.

I’m still experimenting with facebook plugins. When I’ve finished that, there’ll be a lot of Songwriter pages to update. Bear with me... It’ll be worth it!

16th January 2013

Here’s a new page for Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim, whom you may not have heard of, but who was one of the most important songwriters of the 20th century. He was the primary force behind the creation of Bossa nova, and many of ACJ's songs are jazz standards, covered by singers such as Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.

ACJ was an innovator in the use of sophisticated harmonic structures and his use of major sevenths in his melodies became common in jazz and easy listening music. He was the co-composer (with lyricist Vinícius de Moreas) of Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema), probably the most covered/performed song in the history of recorded music.

In short, the man was a giant.

I’ve transferred The Girl From Ipanema over from Odd Ditties and added Águas de Março from the 1974 album Tom é Elis (with Elis Regina). Hope to have a couple more of his  compositions here soon. Welcome Tom!

13th January 2013

Here is Paul Weller’s Brand New Start from his 1998 compilation Modern Classics. Check it out on the Paul Weller page. Hope you like!

Have just updated all the Songwriter and Partnership pages to include separate facebook like and send buttons. Hope that will provide more useful stats to the facebook page.

11th January 2013

I have to admit that I have long neglected the songs of Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson. Yet, they wrote so many classics that have been covered by countless other artists. Ray Charles was a big fan. Here is the #1 he had in 1966 with Let’s Go Get Stoned, (first released by The Coasters in 1965).

Another great NA & VS song that Ray Charles covered in 1966 was I Don’t Need No Doctor. Humble Pie used to play this live and you can find a great version on their live album  Performance Rockin’ The Fillmore (1971). Forty years after this was released, you will still be hard pushed to find a better album of live rock (if that be your thing).

Have now added like and send facebook buttons on the homepage for you to use at your pleasure/whim. Am exploring more facebook-friendly stuff, so watch this...well... site!

6th January 2013

Here, to celebrate what would have been Syd Barrett’s 67th birthday, is an extensive tab of Long Gone. a lovely song from his 1970 album The Madcap Laughs.

5th January 2013

Have, at last, updated Another Nail For My Heart. So now, it’s all tablature, including Glenn’s  extraordinary guitar solo. And, to my possibly jaded ear, sounds pretty close. So, I hope you enjoy that one! You’ll find it also on the Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook page.

Here, too, is a new tab of The KillersMr Brightside, this one for electric guitar. I need to update my acoustic version, so watch this space. Check it out in Odd Ditties.

3rd January 2013

I’ve been working on transcribing two Glenn Tilbrook guitar solos for a while. Only recently have I felt suitably calm and unpicked-on to sit down and nut them out... Here is an update to Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) with a fully transcribed guitar solo. Hope you like! Check it out on the Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook page.

1st January 2013

Welcome to 2013! Hope you had a great holiday and managed to get some playing done at one of your hootenannys.

I recorded a Paul Weller retrospective on BBC4 a while back, and enjoyed some nostalgia over the holiday. The Jam really did capture UK youth’s zeitgeist at the end of the 70s. But then PW wanted to move on and take them in a more soulful direction (Beat Surrender...Precious...) Despite the success of these songs, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler weren’t too happy at the shift away from their Mod/New Wave beginnings. So, PW called time on the band.

I’ve re-vamped the Paul Weller page and added a couple more songs. So, here to start, are Down In The Tube Station At Midnight from the 1978 album All Mod Cons, and In The City from their 1977 debut album of the same name.

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