Paul Weller

PW at the no cactus festival belgium 2009

PW at the No Cactus Festival, Belgium, 2009

Photo courtesy of Marcelo Costa Source: Wikimedia Commons

In The City (1977)

The Modern World

This Is The Modern World (1977)

In The City

All Mod Cons (1978)

Down In The Tube Station At Midnight

Setting Sons (1979) The Eton Rifles (1979)
Down InTheTube Station At Midnight (1978)
Sound Effects (1980)

The Eton Rifles

That’s Entertainment

The Gift (1982) Town Called Malice (1982)


Town Called Malice

Strange Town (1979)
Beat Surrender (1982)

Beat Surrender

Going Underground

Strange Town

Going Underground (1980)
Stanley Road (1995)

The Changingman

You Do Something To Me

Stanley Road (2005)
Modern Classics The Greatest Hits (1998)

Brand New Start

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