Jonathan Richman


JR performing in Barcelona, 10 March 2009

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Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers (1976)

Abominable Snowman In The Market

Here Come The Martian Martians

New England

Modern Lovers Live (1977)

I’m A Little Dinosaur

The Morning Of Our Lives

Rock 'n' Roll WithThe Modern Lovers (1977) Egyptian Reggae (1977)

Angels Watching Over Me

Dodge Veg-o-matic

Egyptian Reggae

Fly Into The Mystery

Ice-cream Man

Roller-coaster By The Sea

Jonathan Sings! (1983)
It's Time For Jonathan Richman (1986)

Give Paris One More Chance (in F)

That Summer Feeling

This Kind Of Music

Everyday Clothes

This Love Of Mine

Jonathan Richman (1989)

Chewing-gum Wrapper

I’m Just Beginning To Live

Now Is Better Than Before

The UFO Man

Vincent Van Gogh

Rockin' & Romance (1985)
You Must Ask The Heart (1995)

Let Her Go Into The Darkness

That’s How I Feel

Vampire Girl

You Must Ask The Heart

I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar

Rooming House On Venice Beach

I, Jonathan (1992)
Vampire Girl (2010)
I'm So Confused (1998)

Hello From Cupid

I Can’t Find My Best Friend

Love Me Like I Love

True Love Is Not Nice

Con El Merengue

El Joven Se Estremece

Give Paris One More Chance (in G)

Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eyeshadow

Springtime In New York

Vampiresa Mujer

Yo Tengo Una Novia

Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eyeshadow (2001)

Just Look At Me

My Little Girl’s Got A Full-time Daddy Now

Not Just A Plus One On The Guest-list Anymore

Surrender To Jonathan (1996)
Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love (2004)

Behold The Lilies Of The Field

He Gave Us The Wine To Taste It

In Che Mondo Viviamo

My Baby Love Love Loves Me

Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love

Salvador Dali

The World Is Showing Its Hand

Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild (2008)

As My Mother Lay Dying

Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild

Es Como El Pan

Le Printemps Des Amoureux Est Venu

No One Was Like Vermeer

Our Drab Ways

The Lovers Are Here And They’re Full Of Sweat

Time Has Been Going By So Fast

When We Refuse To Suffer


O Moon, Queen Of The Night

Sa Voix M’Atisse

The Sea Was Calling Me Home

These Bodies That Came To Cavort

O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth (2010)




JR Eds NoNameBar Winona Minnesota 2014-06-13 Jonathunder

For details of JR’s long and illustrious musical career, please refer to his Wikipedia entry.

JR performing in Ed’s NoName Bar, Winona, Minnesota, 13 June, 2014 Photo courtesy of Jonathunder  Source: Wikimedia Commons


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