Matt Johnson


Matt Johnson performing in Germany in 2000 Photo courtesy of Redferns/ Hayley Madden Source:

Mind_Bomb (1989) Dusk (1993)

Armageddon Days Are Here Again

August & September

Beyond Love

Good Morning Beautiful

Gravitate to Me

Kingdom of Rain

The Beat(en) Generation

The Violence of Truth

Soul Mining (1983)


The Sinking Feeling

This Is The Day

Uncertain Smile

Bluer Than Midnight

Dogs of Lust

Lonely Planet

Love Is Stronger Than Death

Helpline Operator

Lung Shadows

Sodium Light Baby

Slow Emotion Replay

This is the Night

True Happiness This Way Lies

For details of MJ’s musical career, please refer to his Wikipedia entry.

For details of The The’s musical career, please refer to their Wikipedia entry.

Infected (1986)

Angels of Deception



Out of the Blue (Into The Fire)

Slow Train To Dawn

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