Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran in 1957

Publicity portrait made for Liberty Records in 1957

 Photo by Unknown

Source: Wikimedia Commons

C’mon Everybody (Cochran & Jerry Capehart)

Nervous Breakdown

Skinny Jim (Cochran & Jerry Capehart)

Somethin’ Else (Cochran, Sharon Sheely & Bob Cochran)

Summertime Blues (Cochran & Jerry Capehart)

Teenage Heaven (Cochran & Jerry Capehart)

Three Steps To Heaven (Cochran & Bob Cochran)

Twenty Flight Rock (Cochran & Nelda Fairchild)

The Eddie Cochran Memorial Album
The Very Best Of Eddie Cochran (1975)
The Very Best of Eddie Cochran (2008)
My Way (1964)
Singin' To My Baby (1957)

Completely Sweet (Cochran & Jerry Capehart)

Mean When I’m Mad (Cochran & Jerry Capehart)

One Kiss

Tell Me Why

Undying Love (Cochran & Jerry Capehart)

Skinny Jim (1956)
Skinny Jim (1957) Mean When I'm Mad (1957) Twenty Flight Rock (1957) Nervous Breakdown (1957) One Kiss (1957)
C'mon Everybody (1958) Summertime Blues (1958) Something Else (1959) Teenage Heaven (1959) Three Steps To Heaven (1960) My Way (1963)
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