Kevin Ayers

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Kevin Ayers (promo pic)

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The Soft Machine Vol. 1 (1969)
Love Makes Sweet Music (1967)

Box 25/4 Lid

Joy Of A Toy

Love Makes Sweet Music

Soon Soon Soon

We Did It Again

Why Are We Sleeping?

Joy Of AToy (1969)

Clarence In Wonderland

The Lady Rachel

May I?

The Oyster and the Flying Fish

Red Green And You Blue

Shooting At The Moon (1970)
KA busking II

KA busking in the Portobello Road, London, 1970s


The Confessions Of Doctor Dream and Other Stories (1974) Day By Day (1974)

Day By Day

Didn’t Feel Lonely Till I Thought Of You

Everybody’s Sometime And Some People’s All The Time Blues

Sweet Deceiver (1975)

Sweet Deceiver

Toujours La Voyage

Whatevershebringswesing (1971)


Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes


Bananamour (1973) Banana Follies (2000)

Caribbean Moon

Oh, Wot A Dream

Shouting In A Bucket Blues

Take Me To Tahiti (chords)

Take Me To Tahiti (tab)

Yes We Have No Mananas (1976)

Ballad Of Mr Snake

Everyone Knows The Song

Falling In Love Again

Love’s Gonna Turn You Round

Flying Start (Mike Oldfield)

Islands (1987)

After The Show

Baby Come Home

Butterfly Dance

Connie On A Rubber Band

Derby Day

Don’t Fall In Love With Me

(Don’t Sing No More) Sad Songs

Fake Mexican Tourist Blues

Gemini Child

Jolie Madame


Singing A Song In The Morning


Thank You Very Much


Butterfly Dance (1970)
After The Show (1974)
Odd Ditties (1976)
Don't Fall In Love With Me (1980)
Large Spanish Banana (1982) What More Can I Say...? (2008)
Singing The Bruise (1998) Baby Come Home (2008)
RainbowTakeaway (1978)

Blaming It All On Love

Where Do The Stars End?

That's What You Get Babe (1980)
Deia Vu (1984)

Am I Really Marcel?

Take It Easy

Falling Up (1988)
Still Life With Guitar (1992)

Feeling This Way

Ghost Train (Ayers & Peter Halsall)

I Don’t Depend On You

Running In The Human Race

Something In Between

The Unfairground (2007)1

Only Heaven Knows

The Unfairground

Walk On Water

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